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Seggiano Organic Paccheri Pasta

Seggiano Organic Paccheri Pasta

Seggiano pasta is made using premium, high density, 100% Tuscan organic durum wheat, cultivated in the untouched Orcia Valley of southern Tuscany. It's slow-dried at a low temperature, for fantastic firm consistency and excellent flavour.
The pasta is bronze drawn, giving it a more porous, matte texture that binds flawlessly to sauces. With a distinct, large tubular shape, this pasta is sometimes stuffed and baked. It's delicious with creamy mushrooms, with a red pesto, or a simple tomato basil sauce.

  • 375g

    Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans 

    Allergens - Contain WHEAT and may contain trace of SOYA and EGG


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