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Sinodun Hill
  • Sinodun Hill

    Sinodun Hill cheese is sweet, almondy and complex, with a thin, beautifully wrinkly coat that develops natural spots of blues, greys and greens over time. Delicate and rich with a mousse-like texture.


    It is made by Fraser Norton and Rachel Yarrow, who only decided to become cheese-makers in 2014. Fraser worked in Project Management and Rachel was a teacher, but they felt a yearning for a different way of life. Such momentous changes take time to bring to fruition, but, in February 2016, they were ready to welcome their first goats to the barn that they had rented at Earth Trust Farm, a charity which helps people start up new agricultural businesses through a Farm Step scheme.

    • Unpasteurised goat's milk / Suitable for vegetarians 

      Allergens - contains MILK

      Sold as a whole cheese, aproximately 200g in weight 

      Our cheeses will arrive to you wrapped in a waxed paper, this allows for it to breath keeping it in the best condition for consumption. If you plan on keeping your cheeses for longer, remove from its wax paper and wrap in cling film.

      We guarantee 7 days shelf life on all cheeses and accompaniments.


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