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Sussex Camembert

Sussex Camembert

This gorgeous camembert is made by Arthur Alsop and Nick Walker in Mayfield, East Sussex using locally sourced full-fat pasteurised cow's milk.


It is a creamy, mushroom, grassy tasting soft cheese with a natural, edible silky white rind. When fully matured (up to about 7 weeks in the fridge), it has a silky, velvet texture to the palate and will become softer and stronger. 

Sussex camembert is a cheeseboard favourite and will also bake to perfection.

  • Pasteurised cow's milk / Suitable for vegetarians 

    Allergens - contains MILK

    Our cheeses will arrive to you wrapped in a waxed paper, this allows for it to breath keeping it in the best condition for consumption. If you plan on keeping your cheeses for longer, remove from its wax paper and wrap in cling film.

    We guarantee 7 days shelf life on all cheeses and accompaniments.

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