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This sheep's milk brie-style really lives up to its reputation as a refined and complex cheese. It is a washed-curd cheese, which means that an amount of whey is replaced with water during the make. This gives it a gentle, delicate flavour with a smooth texture. At first crumbly and mild, as Wigmore ripens it becomes velvety, fruity and floral.


Made in Berkshire by Anne and Andy Wigmore at Village Maid Cheese. This is traditional artisanal cheese making at its best.


  • Thermised sheep's milk / Suitable for vegetarians 

    Allergens - contains MILK

    Our cheeses will arrive to you wrapped in a waxed paper, this allows for it to breath keeping it in the best condition for consumption. If you plan on keeping your cheeses for longer, remove from its wax paper and wrap in cling film.

    We guarantee 7 days shelf life on all cheeses and accompaniments.

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